Friday, February 19, 2016

Using your Singtel router as an Access Point

I bought a Singtel router (Aztech FG7003GRV AC) for the sole purpose of using it to extend my wifi. After trying few combination of settings, I was able to rig up the router to work as an access point.
Here are the steps I followed to make the router work
  1. I had a router that is currently serving internet and its DHCP is set from to
  2. IP of my existing router is
  3. Change the IP address of  Singtel router to anything that is not in the range of the IP set by your main router. I set it to 
  4. Disable DHCP on Singtel router, so that the IP addresses are assigned by the main router.
  5. Connect LAN from your main router to one of the 4 LAN ports of your Singtel router. Do not connect to WAN port.
  6. This will set your Singtel router to work in bridge mode automatically.
  7. Try to access wifi from both the routers.
  8. Also try to access the router's settings page of your main router ( as well as your Singtel router (


Anonymous said...

DO you use the same SSID for both router?

katty said... login is the management panel address for the ADSL modem. Worldwide provider of modem devices uses