Friday, November 20, 2015

"could not find inappbrowser plugin" when using ngCordova and Ionic

You will probably get the error when you have installed Cordova v5.4.0 . To solve the issue downgrade your Cordova to v5.3.3 . Also you can follow to get more updates on the issue.

How to downgrade Cordova can be found in my blog


Thursday, November 19, 2015

Downgrading Cordova / Installing older Cordova version

Have you run into a situation where you upgraded Cordova and your application broke due to a third party plugin???
Here are the steps to install previous version of Cordova
  • cordova -v  would tell you the current version of cordova installed.
  • npm info cordova  would tell you the available versions of cordova in npm.
  • Suppose you want to install  v 5.3.3 then just follow the below commands
    • npm uninstall -g cordova  This will uninstall the current cordova verison
    • npm install -g cordova@5.3.3 This will install the version 5.3.3
  • Then you need to update your application to point to new cordova
    • cordova platform update android
    • cordova platform update ios
  • You can also update ionic as below
    • ionic lib update

Adding Font Awesome to your Ionic project

To add Font Awesome ( to your ionic project here are the steps that I followed

  1. node.js installed (v 5.1.0)
  2. Ionic (v 1.7.10)
  3. npm (v 3.3.12)
  4. bower (v 1.6.5)
  5. install gulp locally using, “npm install gulp”
To install Font Awesome, navigate to your Ionic’s parent directory and use the below bower command
  • bower install fontawesome -s
Above command will place all the files relates to Font Awesome in www/lib (because this is defined in .bowerrc file) directory and update bower.json file with the details of this dependency.

Next, we need to update @fa-font-path variable in www/lib/font-awesome/scss/_variables.scss

$fa-font-path:        "../lib/font-awesome/fonts" !default;

Next, we need to update Ionic’s SCSS file to import Font Awesome. Add below into scss/

@import "www/lib/font-awesome/scss/font-awesome"; 

Next, run gulp sass task. This will merge ionic’s CSS and Font Awesome’s CSS. Then, change the index.html to point <link href="css/" rel="stylesheet"> and remove/comment Ionic’s stylesheet <link href="lib/ionic/css/ionic.css" rel="stylesheet">

Test Font Awesome
<i class="fa fa-google"></i>

Thursday, July 09, 2015

Checking the hash value and average execution time for a SQL id in Oracle

set lines 155 col execs for 999,999,999 col avg_etime for 999,999.999 col avg_lio for 999,999,999.9 col begin_interval_time for a30 col node for 99999 break on plan_hash_value on startup_time skip 1 select ss.snap_id, ss.instance_number node, begin_interval_time, sql_id, plan_hash_value, nvl(executions_delta,0) execs, (elapsed_time_delta/decode(nvl(executions_delta,0),0,1,executions_delta))/1000000 avg_etime, (buffer_gets_delta/decode(nvl(buffer_gets_delta,0),0,1,executions_delta)) avg_lio from DBA_HIST_SQLSTAT S, DBA_HIST_SNAPSHOT SS where sql_id = 'XXXXXXXXXXX' and ss.snap_id = S.snap_id and ss.instance_number = S.instance_number and executions_delta > 0 order by 1, 2, 3 /