Thursday, July 09, 2015

Checking the hash value and average execution time for a SQL id in Oracle

set lines 155 col execs for 999,999,999 col avg_etime for 999,999.999 col avg_lio for 999,999,999.9 col begin_interval_time for a30 col node for 99999 break on plan_hash_value on startup_time skip 1 select ss.snap_id, ss.instance_number node, begin_interval_time, sql_id, plan_hash_value, nvl(executions_delta,0) execs, (elapsed_time_delta/decode(nvl(executions_delta,0),0,1,executions_delta))/1000000 avg_etime, (buffer_gets_delta/decode(nvl(buffer_gets_delta,0),0,1,executions_delta)) avg_lio from DBA_HIST_SQLSTAT S, DBA_HIST_SNAPSHOT SS where sql_id = 'XXXXXXXXXXX' and ss.snap_id = S.snap_id and ss.instance_number = S.instance_number and executions_delta > 0 order by 1, 2, 3 /

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